Saturday, June 27, 2009

FDTN The Special Edition

As a part of finishing up book 1 of FDTN I felt pretty adamant that the original four pages needed to be updated to match the quality of the current pages. Much of the early stuff still holds up, but that scene feels so off compared to the later work. Like the characters don't even look like their current incarnations. So I've spent the last week redoing those pages, while working on the structure for what may be the last chapter of book 1. It also fits well to redo these pages as chapter 4 starts where the beginning of the book ended. It makes me both proud and embarassed to look at the comparison. See for yourself!

Original Page:

Updated Linework:


  1. I remember reading this early stuff and hadn't realized how much your style and draftsmanship had changed/improved since then. That's some serious progress. I guess the inevitable evolution and improvement one goes through when drawing a graphic novel is something to be both excited and terrified about.

  2. Yeah, its exciting because you see tangible growth, but hard because you feel like those early pages don't really fit in with the newer stuff. Also, a product I think of just doing this comic over years of time instead of crunching it all out at once. Which I think has made the newer stuff really work togther.


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