Monday, June 15, 2009

An Early Preview of What's To Come In FDTN

I feel a little guilty showing this off so early, like I'm spoiling such a great moment, but I figured I gotta show it to wet your appetites. This is a double page spread that is coming up. I'm so stinking proud of the original art on this! I look at it and think of how far the quality of my line work and my work ethic has come since I began. FDTN will celebrate two years of being on the web really soon and its sad we're not doing updates currently, but I am very pleased to say that I am on track to complete all of the finished line work in about three months. For those at home that's 80-90 pages in three months! This new process I've worked up has been a huge boost to the production and I'm so excited to share it all with you. So click on the page above and get a bigger view!


  1. That's seriously an astounding amount of work to get done in three months. Crazy awesome. It's definitely hard to find ways to speed up production without sacrificing quality. The double-page spread is looking epic!

  2. Thanks Brian! You have no idea how burned out its made me. I've been taking it a bit easier for the last week or so, because it was whooping me. But I'm anxious to getting back to knocking it out!


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