Friday, February 19, 2010

FDTN Book 1, Cover Revealed!

I thought I would share with everyone the completed inks for the cover of FDTN book 1. I haven't even cleaned up the red lines yet. It's coming out pretty spiffy I think. I plan to color it with a very watercolor style approach. Something different than the way I usually approach my colors work. It was hard to come up with an image that brought everything together real well and felt like a nice image overall. In the end I wanted it to feel like an Indiana Jones poster, which I think will make more sense when it's done.

I blocked out my schedule on somethings coming up and if everything goes as I would like, I expect to be done with book 1 by April and then have the book available for purchase in June.

A lot of work is in front of me though, as I am working to build up a second webcomic. I tend to be very cautious about starting a new project and showing it to people unless I've completed a lot of work for it. So that's making this new project take a bit more time before putting it out. But things are moving along. I feel prepared now for book 2 and I think it's really going to be a fun project moving forward now that all of the setup is done.

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