Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Feeling the burn...

Comics, comics, comics!!! That is the name of the game these couple of days off. I finished up a portrait this morning and now I'm working like the devil to finish up my work on "Kevin and The Golden Temple." I think more people on this super secret project are working at a much slower pace than me, lol, but I (as always) have to come up with a story that takes a bit more than a couple of pages. So I'm pretty much sprinting hoping I finish up on time since it looks like I will be drawing and painting close to twenty pages. It's good practice though as I am planning to start official work on The Unknowns graphic novel once this is done. And don't fret FDTN fans who may be reading this, I'm working on that too.

Since all of my wife and I's favorite TV shows are off for the summer, we decided that we would work on comics together instead or veg out. She's been helping flat pages and its been great fun to work together and spend that time being productive and just visiting. I'm so blessed to have a spouse who supports and desires the same things I do with life, work and family. With her by my side I feel like anything is possible. We're gonna make some awesome work together. :-)

I also decided this week, after much thought and prayer, that I need to really hone in a specific set of things that I care about and set as goals. My two favorite art subjects are comics and portraits. And for reasons more complicated than I will pretend to understand, I've spent the last two years kind of floundering between various things. Working on comics mostly, but leaving my painting in the dust. A lot of that had to do with the fact that galleries I was repped by closed and things slowed down. But I've missed my passionate pursuit of the portrait and I want to redicate myself to it. I have some plans forming. I'll share new examples as they come.


  1. That all sounds great, Michael.
    It looks like you've been incorporating your skills as a painter into your comics, which to me is just one more method of using it. Maybe you could explore that further and do some more painterly comics?
    I feel along the same lines, since I'm going to school for graphic design, yet I want to make comics just as badly. So instead of keeping them separate, I've been thinking about how to mix the two to develop my own style.

    Anyways, this is all good news. Glad you've got the first script for the Unknowns done. That seems like it's the hardest work, then you can just worry about how exactly to draw it.

    alright man, keep it up.

  2. I expect I will try doing some more painterly style comics. I've been thinking of adapting a Stephen King story for fun and it would look awesome in that sort of style.

    Yes! Having the script done gives me a HUGE peace of mind that the story works and now I can focus on the excution visually. But I expect things will change still and they should!


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